Epoxy Flooring is an excellent choice for most indoor flooring applications. It is the most versatile concrete coating available on the market at the moment. It offers the durability of stained concrete and the beauty of decorative flooring of your choice. Epoxy Flooring offers virtually limitless color and pattern variations! Elite Concrete Clarksville TN specializes in commercial, residential and industrial applications of epoxy. We can help you design your new floor or we can work with your ideas and bring them to life. Anything from industrial size warehouse to a bathroom floor in your personal residence. There is no project too big or too small, we can do it all!

Epoxy Flooring Clarksville

Great for High Traffic Areas

Epoxy Flooring offers superior scratch resistance and durability, so it is most frequently used in high traffic areas. It is not just beautiful but also is easy to clean and maintain. High sheen of Epoxy Flooring brings out the patterns and colors of the floor and it shows beautifully. Epoxy makes a protective coating on your existing concrete floor. And, it creates an excellent water repellent. A dye or multiple variations can be added for color and patterns. A lot of epoxies is graded “food safe”, so it is also a popular choice for commercial and residential kitchens. Epoxy Flooring is one of the most affordable options out there. Call or email Elite Concrete Clarksville TN to set up a free and no obligation estimate.

Lots of Epoxy Choices

A lot of people play with epoxy projects at home. When it comes to Epoxy Flooring though, you should hire a professional company. It is one thing to make a beverage coaster flat, but it takes a totally different level of skill to make your entire Epoxy Flooring glasslike. We have the skills required for the job and will do it without disrupting your daily routine or your operations. The first very important step is to make sure your existing concrete is properly cleaned and prepared for epoxy coating. You do not need to worry about doing it, we will prepare the floor. We will show up on time and finish the job when agreed. The hardest part for you will be deciding on what style to go with. Let our professional team help you with some of those choices too, we know what works!

Applying epoxy coating is a relatively fast process. The epoxy sets pretty quickly. Another reason to trust a team of professionals to make your Epoxy Flooring project a success. It is very important to spread the coating in a timely manner over the entire surface of your floor before it starts setting. We have the tools and skills necessary to make your new Epoxy Flooring project stand out no matter the size of your floor. We will take care of all hazardous stages beginning from old concrete cleaning to polishing the final product for you to enjoy. If you like to be creative with your floor but want it to be durable, then turn your plain old concrete to beautiful Epoxy Flooring with Elite Concrete Clarksville, TN.

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