Polished Concrete is a superb flooring choice for most business and homeowners. No other decorative flooring option can compete with it in a variety of aspects. With proper maintenance, Polished Concrete will last a lifetime. Its durability is unsurpassed and it can handle an enormous amount of foot traffic. If you have a warehouse or a showroom, it is a great flooring option too. It can handle heavy equipment without a scuff. Polished Concrete will make your professional or home space look clean, shiny and simply beautiful. Elite Concrete Clarksville TN is your local specialist in concrete polishing.

There is no need to pour a new slab! It is dependant on the condition of the slab. And, you may have different options to add such as color, patterns, scorching or simply just make it shiny. Polished concrete does not require waxing. Actually, it takes very little maintenance. Unlike carpet, it is easy to keep clean in high traffic areas. You don’t have to replace it as it gets too dirty. It will not dent or chip like tile or another hardwood flooring. Just mop it and it will keep shining like glass!

Concrete Polishing Clarksville

It is Very Sanitary

Polished Concrete keeps the dust mites at a minimum. It does not promote mold growth. If you have any issue with allergens, then this flooring is definitely for you! Beautiful and shiny, low maintenance, it is considered the ultimate “green” flooring. As there is no need to pour a new slab, in most cases it would be considered sustainable material. And it is affordable too! The price will depend on the style of pattern, condition of the existing slab and square footage. Please, call Elite Concrete Clarksville TN for a free and no obligation estimate.

Professional Polished Concrete Installation

Polished Concrete is definitely not a DIY project! It is similar to wood sanding and requires as many as 6 to 12 steps of grinding. It requires special grinding equipment and is a time-consuming process. We have the professional equipment for every stage of grinding and the skill set required for the job! First, we will check the condition of your existing concrete. If it has cracks and stains, it is usually not a problem. Most stains will be erased through the grinding process if they cannot be cleaned off. Even old cracked concrete slab can be turned into beautiful Polished Concrete floor that will look new for years. Trust your local professional team to do the makeover for you. You will love the results!

There are different options to add color if desired too. We have a variety of dyes for this type of flooring so you definitely have options. Polished Concrete looks super smooth and glasslike so you may think it gets slippery. Not at all! In fact, we polish it to such a high point of friction that it makes your new floor non-slippery when kept clean. It is actually less slippery than some other flooring options like linoleum or polished marble. Let’s talk about your space and your ideas for Polished Concrete flooring. We will make the process easy for you.

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