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Here at Elite Concrete Services, we offer a wide variety of concrete floor resurfacing options. Our trained staff it up to date on the latest techniques and floor finishes to give you nothing but the best outcome. We work with a variety of concrete floor resurfacing options to get you the look you’ve always dreamed off. Our team of experts works with residential as well as commercial applications. And, are happy to help you decide on which finish option will work best for your particular application and concrete slab.

Concrete staining works with the slab’s chemical structure. This is a very permanent solution to floor finishes and should only be done by the professionals. Not all concrete slabs are made up of the same chemical composition, similar to wood with wood stain. The different types react and take different stains differently. Each slab is its own chemical makeup, we have to determine what type and then find the particular stain that will give us the desired outcome. This is not a process that we recommend homeowner’s to attempt on their own. As, once it is stained, it is complete, there is no easy “undo” button. As with all of our flooring finishes, having them done by the professionals just makes sense. Most of the flooring resurfacing options are fairly inexpensive to have done but the outcome is gorgeous.

Concrete polishing provides a beautiful glass-like look to the concrete. This is a great option for flooring as it is very durable and offers a beautiful finished look. Concrete polishing is done in many stages, just as sanding wood. This is the process that allows that perfect glass finish. Because of the various stages, we do recommend hiring a professional. Concrete polished floors are very durable and affordable. They make great options for large commercial warehouses and storage facilities. However, they look great in shopping centers and your kitchen as well. They have a very high polish but are not slippery and very resistant to scuffs and scratches. This type of flooring is rather inexpensive as well. Which makes it a great choice for so many applications.

The sky is the limit with epoxy flooring as far a looks. There are so many different options with epoxy flooring. It is very resistant to chemicals, easy to maintain and offers a unique and amazing look each and every time. Epoxy flooring is great for commercial applications to offer a nice clean flooring look that is easy to keep clean. However, many people love epoxy flooring in their homes as well. It is a perfect flooring for the garage as it is resistant to all the car fluids and oil. But can provide a beautiful living room floor as well. It is mold and mildew resistant which makes it perfect for basements as well. Getting that perfect flooring finish has never been easier. There are so many affordable and great options to spruce up your concrete slab in no time. Give us a call we would be happy to discuss all of the different options and help determine which is the best solution for your application.
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