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Welcome to Elite Concrete Clarksville, your professional concrete contractors. We work with your existing concrete to bring it to another level. There are various ways of doing this such as stained, polish and epoxy. And, many of these finishes are super affordable and offer amazing flooring results. Our professional dedicated staff has been highly trained in the area of concrete finishing services in Clarksville, Tennessee. Our company only focuses on the various finishes which all us to understand and be up to date with the latest advancements in technology. Depending on the state of your concrete, we will be able to do any of these three finishes to bring a boring gray concrete slab to life. Finished concrete is not only affordable, but it is also super easy to clean and very resilient. This makes it a great option for commercial flooring as well.

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Concrete staining is an excellent choice for both commercial and residential. And, stained concrete coating can be combined with stamped concrete to give your concrete paths a unique and stone like look. Or, stain a normal slab and enjoy the various tones that make this choice very rich looking. Staining concrete works with the chemical structure of your concrete slab or garage floor. For this reason, some testing will be done to determine what materials would be best for your particular slab. This is why doing concrete staining services on your own is not advisable. Every slab has a chemical structure that the stain reacts with. This reaction is determined by the chemical structure of the slab. This is a process that is best left to professionals such as Elite Concrete Clarksville as your concrete contractor. Give us a call today. We will assure you will love the look of your new stained concrete.

Elite Concrete Clarksville is a dedicated concrete contractor that provides our clients with some of the best concrete floor resurfacing options out there. Not only to do staining concrete but we have other options as well. One of these options is concrete polishing. This is a process that will polish up concrete surface to have a glass-like an appearance. Polished concrete is a great choice for commercial buildings as it is very inexpensive and durable. This is a great finish for hospitals as well as other medical centers as it can be sanitized over and over again. Polished concrete is very easy to keep clean and looks amazing.

Of course, it’s not just for commercial applications, it looks great in residential uses as well. Polished concrete is so durable that it’s often used in factories to give the factory floor a nice finished look. Heavy machines can be moved on it without scuffing or scratching. Contact us for more information.

Epoxy Coating is another great choice in concrete floor resurfacing. It is very durable and comes in a huge amount of color options. Epoxy coating is great for both commercial and residential options. There are many patterns that can be done as well. Prep work needs to be done to have the perfect Epoxy flooring adhesion, but we do all of that. And, epoxy will cure rather quickly, so it shouldn’t be done by the average homeowner or business owner, as that can become a quick mess in a hurry. Sometimes there are several layers that need to be applied to achieve the desired finish. But, we know what to do. You just show us what you’d like done and step back, we’ll take care of the rest.

Epoxy floors are super easy to maintain and very durable. This inexpensive flooring option is perfect for large commercial applications as well as residential. Many residential applications include garage floor and basement flooring. It is resistant to mold and mildew as well as oils and other car fluids. That’s why it’s a great option for garages and basements. If you are looking to have a nicer garage floor than just the concrete slab, give us a call today. We will finish any concrete surface with amazing finishes and attention to detail. 

Decorative Concrete Clarksville

There are many residential applications for concrete finishing that can take the boring gray concrete to the next level. Concrete finishes are great for garage floors and basements but they also look amazing in landscaping and the main living spaces. There are so many designs and textured looks that the various finishes offer. And, all the finishes have different amazing options and choices. All are very durable and easy to maintain that will last a very long time. If you are ready for a change, contact us today and we can help.

Not sure what type of concrete finish is right for the desired outcome? We can help. There are so many unique finish options available out there to choose from. We are sure we can find something that you’ll love.

If you are looking to spruce up your landscaping, patio, or even your garage floor, we can help. Many of our finishes can take the look of expensive rock without the expense. This is a great way to have that amazing look without the amazing price tag. If you need help deciding on what work you need to be done, ask! We have worked with many homeowners as well as business owners to discover the beautiful world of concrete finishing. Concrete finishing opens up a huge amount of options to choose from. And, it’s affordable and easy for you to have done.

Getting that perfect show room finish floor has never been easier. Let our professional concrete floor finishers show you just what we can do. We work with many different applications and get the finish you are looking for. Give us a call today.

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Mike Jenson

“Amazing work! Professional and courteous among other concrete contractors in Clarksville Tennessee. Answered all my questions about my garage floor and did a great job.”

John Lewis

“Completed on time and very impressed with the outcome. May have them back for more work soon for another home renovation project!”

Paul Coopland

“Highly Recommend! Stayed on time, budget and the floors look amazing. Thank you guys for making this so easy!”

Concrete floor resurfacing are great for commercial applications. They are relatively inexpensive and available in so many options. Many of them protect the floor from fluids of the commercial machinery. And, they offer a very professional look for flooring within retail centers. Being easy to clean, maintain and even sanitize just adds to the amazing features of Epoxy flooring. We have done many finishes in commercial buildings. Some are done for the protection of the floor while others are there for their beauty. Either way, they are a great choice and have a great final finish that will last a very long time. Contact us today!

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